Strathcona Junior School

Vision & Values


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Strathcona aspires to be a nurturing learning community that develops intellectually curious, optimistic, life-ready young women who are empowered to shape their future in a rapidly changing world.

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Our Values

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Empowerment 

Our Guiding Principles

To be courageous and creative in thinking, learning and research

Focus: Learning, curriculum, teaching and research

Strathcona will rigorously pursue intellectual and ethical understanding. In a culture that is curious and discerning, we will embrace difficulty and complexity to create new perspectives and ways of working. People in the Strathcona community will understand the importance of a growth mindset and consider themselves to be life-long learners continuously seeking to understand, innovate and improv

To act judiciously and purposefully in contribution to the world

Focus: Service, leadership, global engagement and active contribution

Service to others and to community is an enduring value of the School. As a community, our contribution to humanity and the environment will be consciously grounded in considered principles of service, justice, respect, generosity and courage. In order to engage ethically with the world, and act as agents of change, Strathcona will instil in students a balance of knowledge and set of skills including leadership, empathy, eloquence, confidence and experience.

To be resourceful, resilient and optimistic in spirit

Focus: Wellbeing, health, care, faith and spirituality

Individuals will develop the intrinsic motivation and ‘know how’ to be resourceful and resilient in a complex and dynamic world. Through action and reflection the ‘spirited self-agent’ will be optimistic and purposeful in learning, thoughtful in decision-making, modest in success and robust in adversity. Strathcona will commit itself to equip and support every individual to develop their own ‘voice and identity’ as well as health in body, mind and spirit

To utilise authentic and agile learning places and systems

Focus: Learning environment – physical and virtual

Strathcona will be a place where new patterns of learning flourish. Learning is an organic, life-wide process that can occur anywhere at any time, particularly in the contemporary context of mobile technologies and global engagement. The learning ecosystem of Strathcona will enable the acquisition of deep knowledge, skills and understanding across multiple domains, in simultaneous experiences (intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, aesthetic) through flexible structures that challenge orthodox boundaries

To enrich and strengthen our multi-faceted contemporary community

Focus: Wider community, alumnae, families and partners

At Strathcona, we will develop and extend enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with existing and future Strathcona community members, in order to further enrich and strengthen our multi-faceted contemporary learning community.

To ensure visionary leadership and wise stewardship

Focus: Leadership, governance and operational performance

Strathcona will consciously nurture a culture of prudent stewardship where resources are optimised for the benefit of students, staff and our community while also strengthening the foundations for a sustainable and confident future.

Strategic Vision

In 2016, Strathcona launched a new Strategic Vision, to guide the school to 2020. Read it here.